El Dorado Course Tour

Hole one on the El Dorado Course

Hole 1 
This par five is reachable in two shots, but beware of the lake guarding the front and right of the green. Play three shots here to get your round off to a good start. 

Hole 10 on the El Dorado Course

Hole 10 
This short par five will temp even the shortest hitters. Beware, however, of the lake that sits in front of this deep green. If you make it in two, you will be rewarded, but if you falter par will be a tough score.

Hole two on the El Dorado Course

Hole 2 
The shortest of the par threes is on this course. Hit the large green, but don't look past the bunkers that surround it.

Hole 11 on the El Dorado Course

Hole 11 
Another lengthy par three, the eleventh hole demands the player to hit an accurate long iron shot.

Hole three on the El Dorado Course

Hole 3 
The longest of the par fours on the course, this hole will require an accurate drive. After finding the fairway your second shot should find this open green with ease.

Hole 12 on the El Dorado Course

Hole 12
With a large fairway bunker dominating the landscape, finding the fairway is a must. Trouble can be found throughout the hole, including the mounds surrounding the green.

Hole four on the El Dorado Course

Hole 4 
This short par four is marked by seven cross bunkers. A well placed shot will leave you a short iron to the green.

Hole 13 on the El Dorado Course

Hole 13 
The start of a tough stretch of holes, the thirteenth will demand your attention. A contoured fairway sets you up for a shot to this long green with water to the right and bunkers to the left.

Hole five on the El Dorado Course

Hole 5 
The par four fifth hole will require your full attention. With water to the right and out of bounds to the left, finding the fairway is important. Make sure to check the wind direction on your second shot to this exposed green.

Hole 14 on the El Dorado Course

Hole 14 
An impressive par three, the fourteenth can make or break a good round. Avoiding the bunkers that surround the green is key.

Hole six on the El Dorado Course

Hole 6 
This long par three is backed by multiple bunkers. A par is a good score on this hole.

Hole 15 on the El Dorado Course

Hole 15 
Keep the driver in the bag. Put your tee shot in the fairway, then set up for your second shot over the water and bunkers to this green that falls off to the right and left.

Hole seven on the El Dorado Course

Hole 7 
The par five seventh hole is a peninsula hole. With water to the left and right and in front of the green, this hole demands accuracy. Three shots to get on this green is recommended.

Hole 16 on the El Dorado Course

Hole 16 
Let the fairway bunkers guide you to the green. Navigating your way to the green will be challenging but rewarding.

Hole eight on the El Dorado Course

Hole 8 
This hole is a par three with a very large and exposed green. Make sure you hit the right part of the widest green on the course.

Hole 17 on the El Dorado Course

Hole 17 
Finding the fairway is a must on this last par four. If you escape the water to the left and the out of bounds to the right, you have a good chance at a birdie before the home hole.

Hole nine on the El Dorado Course

Hole 9 
The ninth hole is a deceptive par four and  will test your patience. A drive in the fairway is only half the battle. The green is well protected by grass bunkers in front and to the right.

Hole 18 on the El Dorado Course

Hole 18 
This final and longest hole on the course requires you to stay out of the trees. Be aware of Stafford Run Creek that crosses the fairway before the green. Three good shots can set up a great birdie to end your round.

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