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Golf Attire
  • Golf or athletic shoes required (sandals, boots or dress shoes not allowed)
  • Shorts or skirts to mid-thigh (denim, gym shorts, cutoffs or camouflage not allowed)
  • Women: Blouse with collar or sleeves (t-shirts or tank tops not allowed)
  • Men: Collared shirt or 1-inch mock-neck (t-shirts or tank tops not allowed)


  • Outside food and beverage may not be brought onto the golf course or clubhouse venue.
  • Alcoholic beverages must be purchased on the premises and all TABC rules will be enforced.


  • All golfers must have their own set of clubs (yes, we have to say this).
  • Walking (carry bag or push cart) and fivesomes are allowed at Quail Valley. All are expected to maintain the proper pace of play.
  • Use of privately-owned golf carts is allowed for a nominal fee (a discounted annual fee is available), and golf carts must be registered with the golf shop. Pets are not allowed on golf courses with golfers.
  • The 90-degree rule is in effect at all times. Please stay on cart paths and drive onto the grass at a 90-degree angle. Proceed directly back to cart path after golf shots have been played.
  • Occasionally the weather requires carts to stay on paths at all times. Golf shop staff will notify golfers when necessary.


  • In case of lightning, golfers must return to the Golf Shop immediately.
  • Each golfer is liable for any damage caused by his own golf ball.
  • Quail Valley golf carts are to be returned to the golf shop immediately following the round and the key returned to the Golf Shop.


  • If rain interrupts a paid round of golf, a rain can be issued in the golf shop with a receipt and proof of purchase.


To help all guests enjoy themselves and have fun at Quail Valley, our goal is for rounds of golf to be played in no more than 4 hours and 30 minutes. This is accomplished by making best efforts to keep up with the group in front of you, respecting everyone on the golf course and utilizing some of these recommendations:

  • Let's all play ready golf... prepare your shot while others in your group are hitting.
  • In a golf cart, park between you and your partner's shot or drop off one player and the other takes the cart.
  • When a hole is complete, vacate the green area and write down scores on the next tee box.
  • Please be courteous and allow faster groups to play through, whether the group is a twosome or a fivesome.
  • Purchase food and beverages from snack/drink cart on the tee box when possible.


Privately owned golf carts are allowed and must meet the following standards:

  • Electric carts only (gas-powered carts are not allowed)
  • Carts must be 2-passenger or 4-passenger with bag well (extended carts are not allowed)
  • Tires must be turf-safe (off-road tires are not allowed)
  • Preferred tire size is 18"x 8.5"x 8" with a max tire height 20" (low profile tire max is 12")
  • We retain the right to refuse the use of any cart on the golf course

Printable Private Golf Cart Specs


The USGA has announced major changes to the Rules of Golf beginning January 1, 2019. As we prepare for these changes we will be providing a weekly note on a pending rule change. Our aim is to inform and educate our players of these upcoming changes. Each week's rule will be posted here for reference.

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