Policies & Guidelines On The Golf Course

Dress & Clothing

Quail Valley Dress Code

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General Play


Rain Checks

Golf Pace of Play Guidelines

To help all guests enjoy themselves and have fun at Quail Valley, our goal is for rounds of golf to be played in no more than 4 hours and 30 minutes. This is accomplsished by making best efforts to keep up with the group in front of you, repecting everyone on the golf course and utilizing some of these recommendations:

Privately Owned Golf Carts

Privately owned golf carts are allowed and must meet the following standards:

Printable Private Golf Cart Specs

Major Changes to the Rules of Golf

The USGA has announced major changes to the Rules of Golf beginning January 1, 2019.  As we prepare for these changes we will be providing a weekly note on a pending rule change.  Our aim is to inform and educate our players of these upcoming changes.  Each weeks rule will be posted here for reference.

- No Penalty for moving a ball on the putting green
- New requirements for dropping a ball
- Limit time for search for a lost ball
- Substitute ball allowed
- Embedded ball relief
- Ball in motion accidentally deflected
- Repairing damage on a putting green
- Ball strikes unattended flagstick
- Touching the line of a putt
- Elination of the opposite margin hazard relief
- When to replace a ball that has moved
- Touching loose impediments in a penalty area
- Using a damaged club
- Double hit on single swing
- Loose impediments in the sand
- Ball moved during search
- Unplayable lie in a bunker
- QV ADOPTED LOCAL RULE:  Local Rule for Alternative to Ball Lost or Out of Bounds
- Use of distance measuring devices